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    2. The Compilers
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    1. BW1D (C)
    2. BW1D (FOR)
    3. BW2D
    4. FEM2D
    5. LAME

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Willus.com's 2002 Win32 Compiler Benchmarks:

2. The Compilers

I used compilers from seven different companies/groups/individuals, choosing two commercial ones. I chose Intel because I think of it as a gold standard for Pentium chip compilers, and because I could get a 30-day trial version of the latest, Pentium-4 optimizing version. I chose Microsoft because it is as ubiquitous as a compiler can be in the Win32 world. The others are all listed below and also are discussed in more detail on my Win32 C/C++ Compilers page.

Nota bene: Click on a column heading to sort the rows based on the data in that column.
Company Command Type Version Free/Commercial Description
Borland bcc32 C/C++ 5.5.1 Free Borland's free version. A barebones set of utilities, but they do the job, and an optimizer is included with the compiler.
Digital Mars sc C/C++ sc 8.0B7n, scppn 8.25.1n Free Solid offering from Digital Mars. The web site has lots of utilities and other interesting links.
Intel icl/ifl C/C++/FORTRAN 5.0.1 Build 010922Z Commercial For Intel chips, the one to beat, but expensive not only because you have to buy the compiler, but you also have to buy Microsoft's compiler.
Logiciels lcc C 3.7 Free LCC compiles only C, but it comes with great free Win32 documentation, and it is pretty easy to set up.
Microsoft cl C/C++ 6.0, ver 12.00.8168 Commercial The reigning PC standard.
MinGW (gcc) gcc/g77 C/C++/FORTRAN gcc 2.95.3-6 Free Very popular and most up-to-date port of GNU C and FORTRAN to the PC.
RSXNT (gcc) gcc/g77 C/C++/FORTRAN RSX 1.4.1, gcc Free The compiler I have the most experience with. There is a newer version based on gcc 2.8.x, but I think this one is more stable.

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