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    1. Overview
    2. The Compilers
    3. Compiler Options
    4. The Programs
    5. Test Hardware
    6. Compiler Issues
    7. Other notes

    1. BW1D
    2. BZIP2
    3. CRAFTY
    4. K2PDFOPT (v1.30)
    5. LAME
    6. MESHER
    7. MODEL3D
    8. RESIZER
    10. X264
    11. AVERAGE



Willus.com's 2011 Win32/64 C Compiler Benchmarks:

4. The Programs

I used ten different codes this time, all of them purely in C (it is too painful to get six different compilers to correctly compile a large C++ code). Two of the codes (BW1D and LAME) are the same as in the last benchmarks I did, but I added eight new codes. Two of them are bitmap intensive (K2PDFOPT and RESIZER), two of them have fairly large memory footprints and are 2-D and 3-D modeling codes (MODEL3D and MESHER), one is a transcendental curve fitter (TRANSCEND), and I rounded things out with three publicly available applications: bzip2 1.0.6 (from bzip.org), x264 (from videolan.org, modified slightly to compile in Windows), and Crafty Chess (from craftychess.com). I felt this was a good sample of programs. The bitmap codes (K2PDFOPT and RESIZER) make use of several available libraries such as libpng, zlib, libjpeg-turbo.

Click on a column heading to sort the rows based on the data in that column.
Name Type Lines Memory Footprint Description
BW1D C 350,000 3 MB Models the interaction of an electron beam with an electrodynamic wave. Floating-point intensive.
BZIP2 C 7,200 8 MB Compresses files using lossless bzip2 algorithm. No significant floating point calculations.
CRAFTY C 37,000 20 MB Robert M. Hyatt's Crafty chess engine v23.4 from craftychess.com. No significant floating point calculations.
K2PDFOPT (v1.30) C 720,000 80 MB Converts/scans/crops PDF files to e-reader-sized bitmapped pages.
LAME C 33,000 2 MB Encodes and decodes .wav files to and from .mp3 files.
MESHER C 380,000 15 MB Generates a 2-D mesh internal to a 2-D boundary. Floating-point intensive.
MODEL3D C 300,000 300 MB 3-D modeling post-processor. Floating-point intensive.
RESIZER C 250,000 50 MB Crops, re-sizes, color-corrects, and sharpens JPEG images.
TRANSCEND C 130,000 1 MB Transcendental function/curve fitting program. Floating-point intensive.
X264 C 47,000 40 MB The x264 H.264/MPEG-4 video encoder (snapshot 20120102-2245) from videolan.org.

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