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I am using this e-mail form rather than publishing my e-mail address because I do not want to receive spam. I am sorry to have to resort to this, but once you use this form and you seem to be the sort of person who wouldn't spam me, I'll reply to you with my e-mail address and you can then use your regular e-mail program to send me e-mail. Some ways to fight back against spam are here.


 Use a complete e-mail address if you want me to reply to your e-mail, for example: JohnDoe@aol.com



Can you believe I get spam from this form, too? Hence, this code box. To indicate you are a real person, enter the digits nine-nine into the box at the left. If you do not enter these two digits, your e-mail will not be sent.

Please enter your e-mail message below:
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The From field requires a complete and valid e-mail address (e.g. JohnDoe@aol.com) if you want me to be able to reply to you. If you do not want a reply and wish to remain anonymous, then you need not supply a valid e-mail address; however, you must put something in this field or else the e-mail will not go through. I will not reveal your e-mail address to anyone else. I have no interest in doing so or in promoting spam.

The Subject field cannot be blank, or the e-mail will not go through.

The Code field cannot be blank or filled out incorrectly. Read carefully.

The body of the e-mail is limited to 1,000 characters.

If it appears as though you have received junk e-mail or spam from willus.com, please, don't believe it. The return address has been forged. This is easy to do and is common practice for spammers. If you wish to report a spam incident, you can check this page.

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